Aluminum Foil Facing
Reflective Aluminum Foil
Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil
PP Facing for Metal Building

Myriad Corporation is Located in Wuxi City near to Shanghai port, has proven expertise in the following products to our customers:

A) Aluminum Foil Lamination:
Including Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) Facing, Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation,Aluminum Woven Foil,Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil Facing; It is ideal to be used as radiant barrier and vapor barrier. Can be laminated with thermal insulation such as glass wool insulation, rock wool etc.

B) Polypropylene Facing For Metal Building:
Including Metalized Polypropylene Facing, Fire Resistant Polypropylene Facing, Reinforced Black Polypropylene Facing;

C) Duct Wrap and House Wrap:
Including FSK facing, Foil Fiberglass Cloth Lamination; It can be used directly or combined with thermal insulation wool and rock wool etc.

D) Accessaries for air duct:
Self-adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape, Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) Tape, Alum. Foil Fiberglass Tape, Polypropylene-Scrim-Kraft (PSK) Tape, Metalized film tape;

E) Thermal Insulation:
Including Black Fiber Glass Tissue, Glass Wool Banket both bare and faced with aluminum foil, PP facing etc and Rock Wool Board, Rock Wool Blanket Reinforced with glass cloth or wire mesh etc.

F) Aluminium Foil PET lamination for flexible duct:
It is designed for flexible duct wrap, it protect glass wool and prevent vapor and radiant heat to contact glass wool, improve the performance of flexible greatly.

Myriad's superior performance, combined with top-notch quality,stability, and reliability, have continually attracted new customers worldwide.

However, Myriad's growth is not a tribute to the brilliance of our success, but that of the customers we serve. Through an unwavering dedication to quality, response, and service, we continually seek to help our customers achieve their goals. It's an attitude that puts our customers' needs first.

If you're new to Myriad, we invite you to try our products and feel what may call the 'Myriad Experience' - products are always delivered as promised and promptly. For those who have been with us these years, thank you for your recognition and making Myriad into a professional corporation in this line. We've come a long way together, but we have even more to come.

We guarantee personalized service and high quality products that can be customized to meet current and future market needs.

Alum. Foil Glass Lamination
Aluminum Foil for Flexible Duct
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