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Knowledge of Rockwool

Rock wool is a mineral inorganic fibrous material with excellent and distinguished porperties and characteristics. It is efficiently applied in all fields of thermo-acoustic insulation; furthermore it is used in many industries and agricultural activities.

Rock wool is produced by melting mix of basalt, limestone and coke in a special vertical furnace at very high temperature (about 1500 degrees). The the molten rock is made into thin fibers through a high speed centrifugal machine. After adding certain amount of binder,dustproof oil,silicon oil and mechanical operations,rock wool fibers are then processed to be the final desired product with specified physical and chemical properties and specifications. The binder is sprayed equalbly by using new technology, so the rock wool fiber and binder can be tied in perfectly; avoid delaminating which happens often on rock wools produced by small production line. Our rock wool is produced by automatization production line, the quality is much more stable and uniform.


Rock Wool is widely used in the partition walls, external walls, roofs of Metal Buildings, Compartment,hanging ceiling for buildings,big pipes,various tanks as soundproof, fireproof meterials and heat insulation.

Rock Wool Insulation can be faced with aluminum foil facing (FSK facing, Heat sealing aluminum foil facing etc.),fiber glass tissue, fiber glass cloth,reinforced polypropylene facing and other thermal insulation facing to enhance the performance of vapr barrier,heat preservation and sound proof etc.
Rock wool blanket can be strengthened with wire mesh and glass cloth.

Product Benefits

  • Keep room warm in winter and cool in summer, save your bills and offer you comfort;
  • Rock Wool does not contain any corrosive agent like many cellulose fibers that may corrode the metallic parts of a building;
  • Fire Safety: Rock Wool can be used with total safety in walls, roofs,pipes,tanks;
  • Rock  wool provides both acoustic and thermal insulation unlike rigid foams which are only thermal insulators;
  • Rock Wool Insulation  does not age, does not distort and keeps its insulation capacity though the years of building life. 
  • Rock wool is low cost.

Catalogue For Rock Wool
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