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Aluminum Foil Lamination for Flexible Duct

-Radiant barrier and Vapor Barrier

Aluminum foil PET laminate
Item Code Discription
FSM40A Aluminum Foil: 7Microns / Polyethylene / Fiberglass Cloth:12x12mesh/cm
FPET35 Aluminum Foil: 7Microns / Fire-resistant Adhesive/ Fiberglass Cloth:12 x 12 mesh / cm
FPETF60 Aluminum Foil: 18Microns / Polyethylene/ Fiberglass Cloth:8 x 8 mesh / cm
FPET45 Aluminum Foil: 18Microns / Fire-resistant Adhesive/ Fiberglass Cloth:8 x 8 mesh / cm
Aluminum flexible duct  


These items are mainly designed to produce aluminum foil flexible duct. FSM40A is used to cover the glass wool wrapped on the flexible duct, to protect glass wool and prevent vapor and radiant heat to contact glass wool to enhance the performance of air duct.

Different sizes are available. Various thickness foil laminated with different type of PET film based on order are available.

Product Benefits

  • Does not contain hazardous chemicals.
  • Reflects 97% radiant heat, improves insulation system performance, energy saving.
  • Eco-friendly Environment friendly
  • Provides neat appearance
  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Fiberglass cloth reinforced for strength and durability


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Aluminum Foil for Flexible Duct
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