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Item Code Discription
FPE100 Aluminum foil: 7Microns / Polyethylene / Woven PE Fabric
MPE100 Metalized Polyester film: 12Microns / Polyethylene / Woven PE Fabric
FPEV115 Aluminum foil: 7Microns / Polyethylene / Woven PE Fabric/PE film
MPEV110 Metalized Polyester film: 12Microns / Polyethylene / Woven PE Fabric/PE film
FPEF150 Aluminum foil: 7Microns / Polyethylene / Woven PE Fabric/ Polyethylene / Foil: 7Microns
MPEM140 Metalized Polyester film: 12Microns / Polyethylene / Woven PE fabric/ Polyethylene / Metalized Polyester film: 12Microns



Our Aluminum Foil woven is effective and cost efficient radiant barrier and vapor barrier, it can be used on commercial building,gyms,warehouse,supper market and container liner etc.Approximately 75% of heat transmission is by radiation in the air, but most materials used on building absorb radiant heat and re-radiate it, which makes the room temperature much hihger than outside in summer and colder in winter, and have air-conditioning system to work constantly. But foil insulation reflects up to 97% radiant heat, which makes it the ideal choice to provide optimum insulation against radiant heat and moisture vapor. Aluminum foil insulation keeps your room cool in summer and warm in winter.

Product Benefits

  • Does not contain hazardous chemicals or harmful materials that cause itching or respiratory problems.
  • Reflects 97% radiant heat, improves insulation system performance, energy saving.
  • High tensile strength
  • Anti-abrasion, anti-ageing
  • Eco-friendly Environment friendly
  • Non HCHO, TVOCs.
  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Excellent low-cost waterproof type.
  • PE woven is used, you can sew it and easily install it on long-span building such as warehouse, factory building,supper market, gym,container liner.

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