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Aluminium Foil Glass Cloth Laminate For Metal Building

-Radiant barrier and Vapor Barrier

aluminum foil glass cloth
Aluminum foil glass cloth laminate
Construction foil fiberglass cloth
Item Code Discription
FG1212P Aluminum Foil: 7Microns / Polyethylene / Fiberglass Cloth:12x12mesh/cm
FG1212 Aluminum Foil: 7Microns / Fire-resistant Adhesive/ Fiberglass Cloth:12 x 12 mesh / cm
FG1808P Aluminum Foil: 18Microns / Polyethylene/ Fiberglass Cloth:8 x 8 mesh / cm
FG1808 Aluminum Foil: 18Microns / Fire-resistant Adhesive/ Fiberglass Cloth:8 x 8 mesh / cm


With extremely high tensile strength and excellent abrasive-resistance, aluminum foil fiberglass cloth lamination is mostly used as a vapor barrier for duct wrap and metal building, and a facing for duct board and pipe insulation

Different sizes are available. Various thickness foil laminated with different type of fiber glass cloth based on order are available.

Product Benefits

  • Does not contain hazardous chemicals.
  • Reflects 97% radiant heat, improves insulation system performance, energy saving.
  • Eco-friendly Environment friendly
  • Provides neat appearance
  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Excellent for chemically hotile environment.
  • Stop water and moisture to contact insulation materials such as glass wool, rock wool etc.
  • Fiberglass cloth reinforced for strength and durability

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