Aluminum Foil Facing
Reflective Aluminum Foil
Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil
PP Facing for Metal Building
Aluminum Foil Facing (FSK facing)
Used as facing for glass wool insulation, rock wool insulation, duct wrap, Duct Board. ASJ Pipe insulation.
aluminum foil facing Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation and Vapor Barrier
Both light duty and medium duty double side reinforced aluminum foil insulations are availabe.
double side refelctive aluminum foil
Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric
Pure aluminum and Metalized PET film laminated with PE fabric woven are both available.
aluminum woven foil Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil Facing
It is designed to be laminated with insulation on-line by heating, no need apply extra adhesive
heat sealing aluminum foil
Aluminum foil glass cloth lamination
used on metal building, it is much tensile stronger and more abrasive resistance than FSK facing.
alum.foil glass cloth Polypropylene facing for metal building
Reinforced PP facings are designed for metal building,Excellent for chemically hostile environment.
white reinforced PP facing for metal building
Aluminum foil for flexible duct
These laminations are designed for making flexible air duct.
aluminum PET lamination for flexible duct Thermal Insulation
Our thermal insulations include glass wool insulation and rock wool insulation. They are featured for low price and good quality.
glass wool,rockwool
Alum. Foil Glass Lamination
Aluminum Foil for Flexible Duct
Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric
Thermal Insulation
Self-adhesive Tape
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