Aluminum Foil Facing
Reflective Aluminum Foil
Heat Sealing Aluminum Foil
PP Facing for Metal Building

Thermal Insulation

glass wool blanket
Glass Wool Insulation

Broadly used in the partition walls, external walls, roofs of Metal Buildings, Compartment, Ventiduct, Vent-Pipe, Industrial Building and various tanks as soundproof, fireproof meterials and heat insulation.

Glass Wool Insulation can be faced with aluminum foil facing (FSK facing, Heat sealing aluminum foil facing etc.),fiber glass tissue, fiber glass cloth,reinforced polypropylene facing and other thermal insulation facing to enhance the performance of vapr barrier,heat preservation and sound proof etc.

Myriad Glass Wool Blanket (felt) meet CE standard.

Rockwool Board
Rockwool Board

Rock Wool Blanket is a flexible rolling product. It is used mainly for large sized pipe and special shaped components, valves and pipe fitting, as well as thermal insulation and air conditioning systems for the wall and roof of buildings.
Faced Rock Wool Blanket is a rock wool roll covered with aluminum foil(FSK facing) or other covering materials for moisture proof and enhancing strength. Rock wool felt can also be strengthened by wire mesh to provide high strength.

Rock wool board is a board product with certain strength. The product is mainly applied for fire and sound proof in partition wall and wall curtain, thermal insulation in roof, retaining structure, floor heating system, industrial kiln, oven, large sized tank, as well as thermal insulation and fire proof of vessels, etc.

Black glass tissue
Black Fiber Glass Tissue
Black fiber glass tissue is made of thin high density fiber glass mat through dyeing.

Used as lining of fiber glass wool pipe, it is a special material for heat reservation, heat insulation and acoustic absorption. The black fiber glass mat laminated with fiber glass board absorb the noise of venture system and decrease the loss of heat, so it can not only save your energy bill but also improve the acoustics environment, especially suitable for slap-up hotel, office building where a quiet environment is required etc.
Alum. Foil Glass Lamination
Aluminum Foil for Flexible Duct
Aluminum Foil Woven Fabric
Thermal Insulation
Self-adhesive Tape
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